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    Award-winning Real Estate CRM


    Launched in 2016 and became instantly a trendsetter for Real Estate businesses seeking to set themselves apart from the rest.

    Thanks to its innovative approach, new technologies and richness of its widest basis of Real Estate types and transactions, Optima-CRM was awarded Best Real Estate CRM in 2018 worldwide by MirrorReview.

    Early 2020 Optima-CRM is being introduced, shocking the industry once again with a 7-versions upgrade at once adding 5 new languages making it the strongest, fastest and most complete advanced Real Estate CRM in the world.

    Highlights of Optima-CRM 2.0

    Built on the same technologies as version 1, Optima-CRM 2.0 simply raises the bar following its customers' demands upgrading the baseline technologies: AngularJS 8 | NodeJS | yii | MongoDB.

    • 100% responsive: ALL functions available on ANY device.
    • Available in English | Spanish | French | Portuguese | Italian | Turkish | Dutch.
    • White-labelled: brand it the way YOU decide.
    • Fully customisable to the greatest details.
    • Fully scalable to companies of 2 users to 100's of users (user-licenses based | no initial start-up cost).
    • Strong automation workflow and sequences.
    • Integrated with websites, portals, email systems, calendars, social media, marketing tools and many more.
    • Built for single offices or companies with franchise structures.
    • Intelligent business processes for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Land commercialisation: resales, new construction sales management, long term rentals, short term bookings system, lease options, nude property sales, etc.
    • Basis for the Extensions like YoVendo | Alquilo-Yo | Co-Broking | Optima-WOW | YoInvierto | etc.

    Advanced Real Estate Websites

    Fully Integrated with CRM | SEO Prepared | Fast & Beautiful

    Experience that counts: 500+ sites delivered.


    Forget about website templates, WordPress, or any other way-to-heavy technology and obtain a custom yet affordable Real Estate website that communicates your brand with ease-of-use to capture leads straight into CRM.

    Let us design a unique site or build on a design you deliver.

    Enjoy our all-in-one approach that includes graphic design | HTML CSS JS coding | integration into CRM | CRM built-in CMS | On-Site SEO preparing it for a fast-track organic growth in search engines.

    Hosting your site in our dedicated servers park guarantees you bug-fixing for the entire life-cycle of your website, making it an even better investment.


    Digital Marketing for Real Estate

    Specialised Services That Make A Difference


    Search Engine Optimisation

    On-Site SEO allows your website to be indexed and 'read' correctly by the search engines. Off-Site SEO is the ongoing marketing of your website to create third-party credibility and rank the site organically to be found without paying for advertisements.

    Our Real Estate focus proves very successful in distinguishing your site from the many competitors aiming for the same spots in the rankings. Drive thousands of new unique visitors to your site every month!

    Let our experts guide you through the maze and get your website the visibility it deserves.


    Search Engine Marketing

    Paid marketing is the fastest way to get your website on the map, driving traffic that can convert in real customers if and when done right.

    SEM doesn't replace SEO yet it can help accelerate your business by becoming visible through ads pretty much instantaneously.

    Google's objective is to get you as many clicks as possible, yet you need to spend your budget wisely attracting the desired visitor profile to your website, paying for clicks that have a higher potential to convert in a future customer. Our expertise in Real Estate & campaigns, and our close relationship to Google does just that!


    Social Media Marketing

    Your future and potential clients are all on Social Media which means you can influence, directly or indirectly, interest in your services. Choose the right social channel to reach your audience.

    Posting content is an effective way to build trust and brand-awareness yet to really convert viewers into potential clients, you need to organise attractive and smart campaigns.

    A well-designed & targeted campaign creates attention and a percentage will be curious enough to ask for more information. Requests covert automatically to leads in CRM from where you then initiate your follow-up process.

    Optima-CRM Extensions

    White-labelled Solutions Licensed Per Usage


    YoVendo is the Agency solution to reach property vendors who would NEVER contract an agency representation for the sale other their property, yet need marketing assistance to reach potential buyers.

    Traditional agencies converting into marketing companies can now access the roughly 40% of all vendors that represent this segment, where these vendors gladly finance (upfront) the generation of a large pool of qualified buyers. Since the vendor only needs 1 buyer, the agency retains all other qualified leads for other transactions. A well-ran marketing engine can generate between 50 and 150 qualified leads for one property.

    The agency decides which of the auto-generated leads in CRM flow through to the vendor, and the vendor can communicate with leads through the same platform or via phone/Whatsapp/...

    Co-Broking is a private platform for the commercialisation of New Construction projects which allows the end-to-end sales process of new-built properties through an own network of (inter-)national Real Estate agencies.

    Main reasons why innovative companies apply this solution are:

    • Full control over the commercialisation and image of the project.
    • Strongly reduced marketing costs with savings between 4% to 6% on total sales values.
    • Allow qualified brokers through a secure portal bringing leads from external local markets straight to the projects.
    • Only pay commissions to agencies who sell to an end-customer.
    • No costs to develop nor maintain software.

    Alquilo-Yo is a platform that came to life as a reaction to the ever-changing demands of property owners who demand more control over and visibility into the rentals of their properties.

    Similar to the YoVendo platform, Alquilo-Yo extends the agencies' reach into the market capturing more property owners contracting the services of the agency. Since the platform allows a great flexibility, the agency defines the ways to engage owners renting their properties. The owners can follow closely the rental bookings, maintenance and cleaning orders, as well as book their properties themselves (for own or 3rd party use). Rental leads flow through seamlessly from websites and portals, financial overviews are accessible in real-time, and bookings are made instantly.

    YoInvierto is the newest extension which will be launched in 2020 and is designed for agencies who deal with investors of all types. The platform will be a mini-CRM for the individual investor, investor groups, or even investment funds.

    The sensitive nature of privacy & secrecy of investment property is handled through multi-leveling of investor profiles and agreements. This guarantees that the platform shows the relevant data to each individual investor user of the platform. The investors can access the opportunities that fit their profile and interact with the agency whenever interest exists. The agency can even offer payable services through the platform.

    The Optima-WOW holiday rentals app helps you as an Agency to comply with the new tourism law and reduces the work associated with guiding holiday makers.

    Your clients will have all information they need about the property as well as tourist information about the area in the palm of their hand. They can read instructions on how to use appliances, WIFI code, community rules etc. and view information about restaurants, excursions, transportation and activities + book directly! As an Agency you can negotiate commissions with different tour companies and agree on discounts at restaurants for your clients.

    Your clients will be able to rebook the rental property instantly using the APP, generating additional income for you without the hassle of getting involved in the booking process.

    Reduce the amount of calls from your clients since they will find everything they need to know on their mobile phone - just one click away - day and night!

    In addition, guests can check-in from the application (with automatic reporting to authorities), click on maps to find the property and report a problem related to the property via speech recognition in all major languages (and we auto-translate it into a language you speak).


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